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Dedicated Mail Servers

Dedicated MailingCNS offers dedicated mailing service for such customers whose important email needs far exceed the limits of Shared Mailing. Dedicated mailing feature of CNS is all-inclusive and scalable. You can add as many customers dynamically as you want to. You have total usage of the mail server and full freedom to use any spare resources of the server to host extra features.
  • Fast Delivery: Mail delivery speed is very fast as based on the set configuration. Being a dedicated server, only one customer can use it. So, no waiting lines for sending your newsletters and emails.
  • White-listed with major ISPs: We have white-listed our servers with top email providers so that mail delivery speed remains unaffected by complaints, as it happens in the case of shared server.
  • Free Set-up: Our engineers will set the server up and configure it without any extra charge!
  • You get POP/SMTP/IMAP access besides your individual web-mail interfaces.
  • Our dedicated mailing is compatible with all standard mail clients.
  • Antivirus Services - By implementing server level anti-virus, virus ridden mails are barred. Alert message is sent to the sender.
  • Anti-Virus scanning of incoming and outgoing emails
  • Anti-spam features enabled - Besides blocking emails from IDs listed with black-lists, CNS offers an administrator interface for customers to block other than globally black-listed IDs as per customer needs.
  • 24x7 Support and Helpdesk
  • Firewall integration and Management
  • Configuration Backup Implementation & Management
  • Mailbox Backup Implementation & Management
  • Regular Monitoring of the Mail server for Listing in DSBL / SPAM and other Resource Based Lists (RBL)
  • Send and receive attachments of any size as per customer need
  • Acknowledgements for received and read mails at client level

Our dedicated mailing at CNS is comprehensive.

Contact CNS for Server Configurations and Pricing.