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Manage DNS Service

Managing your DNS by your own can be quite cumbersome for you. CNS offers to manage your DNS services. Give CNS an opportunity to manage your complex DNS (Domain Name System).

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System is basically a service or function of the Internet. It depicts your host names into IP addresses. DNS performs other related functions such as storing information about domains like as location of mail servers. Whenever you type the URL of the website in your browser, approach an FTP server, use email service or any internet enabled service, DNS is used.

Why is DNS important?

As you cannot locate a physical address without its number, similarly it is not possible to open a www address without its IP address. Your DNS recollects the website’s IP address, via which the browser links to the web server. If you don’t know the www address of a site, you need to enter its IP address each time you want to visit the site.

Features & capabilities of CNS in DNS management

DNS Service
  • Fast DNS network
  • Totally dependable, no breakdowns
  • Attentive support staff to provide quality customer care
  • Full elasticity and grip over your name server
  • No down time
  • Technical support via email and phone
  • 24x7x365 Prime Support for solace and guarantee of availability
  • Support for a range of DNS record types
  • Forwards web requests or tags hostname offline for maintenance or downtime.
  • Automatic or manual updating of query resolution from dynamic IP address
  • Also available in static blocks for different network sizes

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