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Fleet management and reservation software

We have built a software for car rental companies to manage and facilitate reservations for their vehicles. This type of software allows customers to browse available vehicles, select the ones they want to rent, and make a reservation online or over the phone.

In the case of corporate customers, reservation software can be used to manage reservations for large fleets of vehicles, such as cars and buses, that are needed for business purposes.

Some of the key features that you might find in reservation software for corporate car and bus rentals include:

Online booking

You can browse available vehicles and make a reservation online through a user-friendly interface

Customized pricing

The software allows you to set different pricing levels for different types of vehicles and customers, so you can offer corporate discounts as needed.

Fleet management

The software provides tools for managing your fleet of vehicles, such as tracking their location, scheduling maintenance, and generating reports on vehicle utilization.

Customer management

The software allows you to manage customer information, including contact details and rental history.

When choosing reservation software for your car rental business, it’s important to select a system that is reliable, user-friendly, and able to meet the needs of your corporate customers. It’s also a good idea to consider integrating the software with other business systems, such as; fleet management software, accounting software and CRM system, to streamline your operations.

Our software solution includes a range of features and tools that can help with tasks such as scheduling maintenance, tracking vehicle location, managing fuel consumption, parking slips, point to point, location to location, customer feedback and generating reports on vehicle performance and utilization.

Some of the key features that you might find in fleet management software for car rental companies include:

Vehicle tracking

This feature allows you to track the location of your vehicles in real-time, so you can see where they are and how they are being used.

Scheduling and dispatch

With this feature, you can schedule maintenance, repairs, and other tasks for your vehicles, and dispatch vehicles to customers as needed.

Fuel management

Fleet management software can help you track fuel consumption along with reminders for the services, and identify ways to improve fuel efficiency.


Many fleet management software systems offer a range of reporting tools that allow you to track key performance metrics, such as vehicle utilization, maintenance costs, and expiry of licenses, pollution expiry dates etc, well in advance.

Our fleet management software is designed to help car rental businesses streamline and automate their operations, freeing up time and resources to focus on growth. Some of the key benefits of using fleet management software for a car rental business might include:

Increased profitability

By tracking key performance metrics such as vehicle utilization and fuel consumption, fleet management software can help you identify opportunities to optimize your fleet and reduce costs.

Improved efficiency

By automating tasks such as scheduling maintenance and dispatch, fleet management software can help you save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

By providing customers with easy online booking and real-time tracking of vehicles, fleet management software can help you improve the customer experience and build loyalty.

Better decision-making

With access to data-driven insights and reports, fleet management software can help you make informed decisions about your business, such as which vehicles to add to your fleet or where to allocate resources.

To maximize the benefits of your fleet management software, it’s important to choose a system that is well-suited to the needs of your business and to train your team on how to use it effectively.

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