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A comprehensive, proprietary CRM solution for Academic Book Publishers

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What is VMESH?

VMESH, a comprehensive, proprietary CRM solution for Academic Book Publishers developed by us in 2012, allows you to focus on your business while the application takes care of the rest for you. There are modules that help you build Centralized Product and Market repository, Track Market Coverage and Improve Productivity of the employees. The main focus of VMESH (Management Software for Publishers) is to deliver information to your marketing and sales executives that will help them sell and also monitor what has been sold and thereby helping your organization perform better.

How this product benefits you:

VMESH is an integrated publishing solution that is available both for Schools and Higher Education. Publishers may choose to take either of the two or both modules. This publishing management system provides customers with:






VMESH helps you to generate more leads, feed title reviews, and product feedback which also helps you to grow your business and sales as described below:

Get Manuscript Leads

Generate more leads and close deals with sales.

Feed Title Review

Feed title reviews for the best experience and indexing.

Product Feedback

Get more product feedback, that increases sales.

Some of the software advantages that we have been able to measure are:

  • Creates synergy in the organization which results in a major improvement in productivity and enables faster decision-making.
  • Builds a comprehensive Data Repository of all Product and Market Information – Faculty, Institutes, Libraries, Schools, Authors, Students, etc. – which is accessible to everybody around the clock across geographic divides.
  • Provides a customized interface to capture customer feedback and thereby facilitates a lasting business relationship with the customers.
  • Brings transparency to the system by providing tracking and monitoring for publishers, increases employee accountability, and removes ambiguity.
  • Standardization of Information Mapping and Reporting and improvisation of Analytics.

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