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Industry's most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective spam control and email security solutions.

Cyberspace offers its customers protection from spam mail with Email Spam Firewall for Exchange and SMTP servers. Our email server platforms are cost-efficient for spam-free inbound and outbound email.

Facilities we provide to our customers

Instantly block upto 98% of spam.
Effectively quarantine spam for seven days.
Generate custom quarantine management reports.
Complete safe, external scanning to block spam before it reaches your network.
Accurately filter content to ensure industry-leading low false positive rates.
Provide up-to-the-minute defence against the latest blended email threats.

Our expertise in providing anti-spam solutions is time-tested. Our email spam firewall provides cost-effective email security, enabled by a robust spam filter. Your business email server infrastructure also gets protected against viruses, phishing, spoofing, and types of malware that always endanger your business communications.

Our antispam solution is user-friendly. It provides an analysis of inbound and outbound email traffic patterns. It is easily manageable and you get a report of the traffic patterns.

Benefits you will get

SpamTitan’s ATP defence uses Inbuilt Bayesian auto-learning and heuristics to defend against advanced threats and evolving cyberattack techniques.

It’s not one-way traffic management; our software filters not only inbound mail traffic but also outbound email. The simple interface enables policies, which get created to find out and block the unwanted transfer of sensitive information outside your network system.

Our robust filtering engine stands on the solid base of industry standard SIEVE mail filtering language. You can enhance its performance by using your own SIEVE scripts.

With our software Spam email reporting, email traffic patterns can be identified for potential problems. All reports are enabled for point-and-click exercise, making further analysis possible.

Promptly intuitive interface fulfills routine tasks with minimum effort required, lessening the workload of administrators. Administrative tasks may be transferred to a domain administrator. End-users can take their decisions themselves on how to deal with a spam message without bothering to inform the administrator.

Our responsibility against spam!

Be sure that our email platform is well-equipped to provide your business communication security. Multiple defence layers of our email spam firewall safeguard your email network from spam, phishing, viruses, and other threats from email communications.

The Attachment and Content Filtering feature detects and removes malicious HTML tags, scripting objects, and web bugs or spam beacons embedded in email messages that can reveal end-user activity to junk email providers while flagging the recipient’s address as active. With multiple levels of HTML policy control, administrators can customize the level of desired protection.

Features of control console

  • Policy-driven to handle viruses, spam, undesired attachments, content, and HTML in messages to be sent to the recipients on your network.
  • Control console is easy to use interface to provide email defence from all sorts of email threats.
  • Provides browser support for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • It cuts down the workload of your IT team as the responsibility is decided on who will manage the quarantine process for spam and undesired emails, your end users or your IT workforce, or both.
  • Uniform email policy for the whole organization whether for single office locations or multiple office locations.
  • It creates tailor-fit message rules lists such as “Allow”, “Deny” and “Exempt Users” lists for message senders, users, and recipients.
  • Corporate responsibility is minimized as no risk is involved in permitting emails into your network.

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