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An easy to use solution for law firms to streamline their operations and increase revenue and productivity.

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This software is for you if you want to:

Track your employees’ time

Always keep track of time spent with your clients right down to the minute.

Bill your clients seamlessly

Seamlessly email reports directly to your clients or export them to PDF.

Create powerful invoices

Invoice your clients depending on your hourly rate and the amount of time tracked.

Enhance the performance of your law firm with this software

Transform your law firm with this software that allows you to:
Optimize costs
Increase savings
Boost bottom line
Improve client relations
Consistently grow your law practice

What it does?

We offer unique and advanced software that simplifies:

Time and resource management

Track your client cases easily. Get detailed timesheets.


Create detailed invoices in minutes based on bill rates and billable hours of the partners, associates and attorneys. Record your billable hours so you can easily create your bills and payroll.

Workflow management

Get accurate reports on your employees’ working hours, project costs, and more.

How it benefits you?

  • Makes tedious tasks like billing, invoicing, payroll, and time tracking simpler and quicker.
  • Allows you to make precise estimates for your budget and resources.
  • Leaves you time to focus on other important tasks.
  • Enables you to give more attention and time to your clients.
  • Facilitates time tracking anywhere, anytime.


Time and Productivity Tracking
Simple Reporting
Intuitive Dashboards
Expense Recording
Budget Limits
Reports and Analytics
Invoicing and Payment Tracking
Electronic Invoices
Resource Management

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